Wilmington Welcome to the City

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Monday September 21
6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Join the Wilmington Alumni Chapter for their virtual Welcome to the City event! Welcome to the City provides an opportunity for 2020 graduates and recently relocated alumni to be introduced to other Elon alumni in their city. The Wilmington Alumni Chapter will be partnering with a local downtown restaurant Circa 1922 and hosting a Virtual Seafood cooking demo. Chef Will Copeland of Circa will be showing us how to cook a locally sourced seafood dish. We will be making available ingredients list and cooking instructions for anyone that would like to cook along at home. We will also be letting our new alumni introduce themselves, as well as letting chef Will field any questions about cooking. The chapter board will be answering any questions about our area. We hope you can join this virtual event!
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Wilmington Welcome to the City: