Bricks: Monthly Recurring Gift Form

Come back this fall for the opportunity to make a recurring brick gift! Please contact Caroline Blanchard at with any questions or concerns.

Monthly Donation Information
$ 5.00


Elon University is choosing to recognize donors who make a sustaining gift commitment for a minimum of three years totaling $180 or more (a minimum of $5 monthly or $60 annually that will be automatically charged to their credit card) through the placement of an engraved brick Under the Oaks. The university retains the right to remove this recognition if the commitment is not completed, for any reason and without donor notification.
Elon University is providing the donor the opportunity to include a personalized message with their commitment to engrave on a recognition brick. However, the university maintains the right to modify the recommended language in any way it deems appropriate and will not utilize any language that is deemed at odds with the university’s mission and/or values.
The placement of an engraved brick on campus serves as a recognition of the donor’s commitment to Elon University. The donor will receive no ownership of the engraved brick nor will they have any control over the final engraved language or placement of the brick.
Engraved bricks on campus will only be maintained for the useful life of the brick and/or walkway in which it is placed. If at any time the brick is damaged, destroyed, or needs to be removed for any reason, the university will not guarantee the replacement of the engraved brick.